We all have a purpose in life. Purpose guides our life decisions, it can influence behavior, purpose helps us shape goals, offers us a sense of direction, and it can create valuable meaning in our lives. Sometimes we find our purpose in life early, and sometimes later in life. Sometimes in life, our purpose changes as we evolve.

My back story. I myself, have always been drawn to the health field. Most of my jobs, as an adult, have been in the health field. For the last 20 years, I have worked in the field of Orthodontia, and LOVE IT! The world of orthodontics is the best in my opinion as far as the dental world is concerned. You have the honor of meeting different people with different teeth correctional needs. If lucky, you meet the best coworkers that turn into your work family. My sense of purpose is shifting and still evolving. Purpose has drawn me to helping others on a different path.

I graduated from college in 2018 and 2020 in the hopes of becoming a Public Health Management position and didn't pursue it. I dreamt of becoming a Public Speaker or teaching health related topics, this has brought me to the world of CPR. I am a true believer that we are never too old to learn, and learning is the way to evolve.

I know firsthand how very important knowing how to potentially save lives. I have immediate family members that suffer from life threating ailments that have required medical help on several occasions. So, I decided that this would be my PURPOSE and a way to make a purposely fulfilled career.
Each quarter of the year, I will choose a family that has a family member dealing with life threating ailments to teach CPR to them for free. It includes steps taken to include younger children in helping save lives as well. Please, if you are able to donate to help with the CPR supplies needed for families dealing with ailments to be able to be equipped and knowledgeable to save their loved one's life, I would appreciate you.